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Michael Ironside and Maria Olsen

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 21:18, Dec 21 2018

Maria Olsen of current Christmas horror movies Shudder's "All The Creatures Were Stirring" and "Krampus Origins"! Also joining us the iconic Michael Ironside!

Michael Ironside and Maria Olsen Download

Michael Ironside opened the show!
- background in acting and being a film fan
- working on "Scanners" with David Cronenberg
- "Turbo Kid" and Munro Chambers
- much more including his new film "The Harrowing"!

Maria Olsen closed the show!
- growing up a movie fan
- favorite horror movies
- playing a Nun in "Krampus Origins"
- "All The Creatures Were Stirring" now on Shudder
- her upcoming movies and more!

Neal and Troy went over:
- "Hellboy" trailer review
- "MIB" trailer review
- new movies coming to Hulu and Netflix
- "Critters" coming to SyFy
- next season of "The Walking Dead"
- "The Terror" returning and more!

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