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Review : Dear Mr. Gacy

Posted in Movie Reviews by Neal at 08:49, Aug 10 2012

by The Horrornerd of thegeekdomofgore.blogspot.com

Title: Dear Mr. Gacy
Director: Svetozar Ristovski
Writer: Kellie Madison(screenplay), Clark Peterson(story), Jason
Moss(book "The Last Victim"), Jeffrey Kottler(book "The Last Victim")
Stars: William Forsythe, Jesse Moss, Emma Lahana
Genre: Crime | Drama | Horror
Rated:R Length: 103 minutes

"Dear Mr. Gacy" is another movie about serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Where it differs from the other films is that it focuses on a college student who decides that he will get inside the head of the sociopath and write about it for his college paper. He soon discovers that Gacy is still dangerous even behind prison bars and that when you enter a killer's world you are always at risk. Based off of the memoirs of
Jason Moss, "The Last Victim" details the interactions between Moss and John Wayne Gacy and several other notorious killers. The film adaptation only covers his time with John Gacy.

I came into this film not knowing about Mr. Moss or his book and only with a little knowledge on John Wayne Gacy gathered from other films about the serial murder, such as "8213: Gacy House". I was blown away by this movie.The portrayal of John Gacy by William Forsythe was outstanding and I found it brutal,sickening,and damn good.

From the start you know the main character is in for a rough time and as his obsession spiraled out of control, I found myself hooked and invested. Somehow I was Jason Moss and every glimpse into the mind of the serial rapist and murder led me closer to the brink of madness.

The glimpses of the murders dispersed throughout the film in
flashbacks are disturbing and heinous but the gore isn't that bad; In this type of movie it wasn't needed though.

Compared to the other films about the notorious murderer, "Dear Mr. Gacy" is more of a cerebral experience instead of blood, guts, and action.

An excellent movie with great performances from Forsythe and Moss.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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