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Secret Satan Gift Exchange

Posted in WYH News by Neal at 07:55, Dec 09 2012

Alright Headless Ones, it's the Season for Pleasin' and here at WYH we think of you as our little family. And so we bring to you

The First...


Without Your Head
Secret Satan Gift Exchange!

Read more for all the details. ASAP as the deadline to get in is this Saturday !!!

These gifts need not be pricey or extravagant - merely tokens to your family here at WYH. Horror themed is obviously best

-How it will work-

Send a horror/creepy Christmas gift to:

Without Your Head Productions
Neal Jones
PO Box 415
Sandwich, MA 02563

Once we receive all gifts, the Secret Satan names will go into a drawing. Each Secret Satan will get one of the presents at random in return. The gifts will be sent out in time for Christmas, so get cracking!

Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be anything amazing, just something that will be fun or funny. Can even send things that would fit in an envelope. Horror or creepy gifts are ideal for obvious reasons, even if they're a little goofy.

You MUST SHIP your Secret Satan gift by Saturday the 15th - exactly one week from the day this event was posted! If we receive any late gifts, we will either return to sender, or if you wish we can hold them as contributions to future prize giveaways.

Now we know that this group may have some very good intentions and want to send alcohol, cigars, weapons - we can't accept any of that. Also we're asking no foods either unless it is in a sturdy factory sealed container. No porn or sexy stuff. This means no fleshlights, too

If you have any questions, you can always ask - we won't tell anyone your ideas

We hope many of you will join us and make this the first success of many here for

Without Your Head's First Annual Secret Satan Gift Exchange!

***NOTICE*** Neal will be repackaging _everything_ so that NO ONE will have your private information. No one will have your name, address, facebook id, nothing. So please, make sure to write your return address on your package and Neal will take care of the rest. Hell of a guy, that Neal

- Annabelle Lecter

For questions contact us on Facebook or email withoutyourhead@hotmail.com

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