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Marc Blackie and Strange Nocturnal

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 04:56, Mar 29 2014

Surrealist erotic photographer and film maker of Disappointed Virginity - Marc Blackie

Marc Blackie of Disappointed Virginity Download

We opened the show with surrealist erotic photographer and film maker of Disappointed Virginity - Marc Blackie.


Neal Jones and Annabelle Lecter interview this controversial erotic film maker whose work is so intense he's been accused of making sadistically misogynistic porn, Marc Blackie & Disappointed Virginity. We discuss his artistic intentions, the public response, challenges of the culture and where to go from here.

We're also joined by Without Your Head's featured musical artist of the month, the man who created the theme for the podcast and dozens of original works on various albums, Strange Nocturnal.

We also went over our experiences at Mad Monster Party AND a teaser update of Mad Monster Radio happenings.

All this plus comic news with Duck, news on Phantasm V and the usual madness from WYH !!! Listen up kiddies !!!

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Theme song and the artist of the month the extremely talented Strange Nocturnal:

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