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Mad Monster Party Daily Podcast Updates

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 11:15, Apr 22 2014

Live to podcast updates from Mad Monster Party Charlotte 2014

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Without Your Head is VERY proud to be the official podcast of the 2014 Charlotte, North Carolina Mad Monster Party. And as the official podcast of Mad Monster Party we are bringing you LIVE daily updates of our experiences here about guests, panels, vendors, food & drink, and the general tomfoolery of your hosts Nasty Neal Jones and Annabelle Lecter.

This is a fantastic convention with not only horror personalities but GREAT pop icons. The Mad Monster Party guest list includes:

: Devil's Rejects "Captain Spaulding" Sid Haig
: Nightmare of Elm Street's "Nancy" Heather Langenkamp
: Texas Chainsaw Massacre's "Hitchhiker" Ed Neal
: Elvira Cassandra Peterson
: Horror effects master Tom Savini
: Frankenhooker's "Frankenhooker" Patty Mullen
: House of 1000 Corpses "Otis" Bill Moseley
: Dawn of the Dead's "Peter" Ken Foree

Pop icons? How's this:

: Star Trek and endless other thing's BILL SHATNER
: Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper doing a panel moderated by none other than Mean Gene Okerlund
: Happy Days "The Fonz " Henry Winkler
: Doyle of The Misfits
: Goonies "Mouth" Corey Feldman
: Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Brad" Barry Bostwick, "Magenta" Patricia Quinn, and "Columbia" Little Nell
*Have to note that Barry Bostwick played the title role as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in FDR: American Badass

Enjoy this miniseries of our weekend at Mad Monster Party and check out all of our podcasts with great interviews and conversation here at WYH.

Mad Monster Party:

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