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Allan Trautman

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 08:31, Aug 09 2014

Allan Trautman "Tarman" of "Return of the Living Dead" for the kickoff of Zombie Month!

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We opened the show with Allan Trautman for the kickoff of Zombie Month:
- Return of the Living Dead
- Dan O'Bannon
- Movements of Tarman
- Tarman's origins
- puppeteering
- Puppet Up on Tour
- Conventions
- Brian Peck, Thom Mathews, Clu Gulager, Beverly Randoplh and much more !!!
- Come see Allan along with other cast members of RotlD at Monster Mania in New Jersey August 15th-17th

Artist of the Month Daron Beck:
Tracks for this podcast -
Bodies In Tow by Pinkish Black
Everything Went Dark by Pinkish Black
The Dub of the Dead by Pointy Shoe Factory
Loss of Feeling of Loss by Pinkish Black

Then Troy joined Neal and Annabelle:
- Review of Fulci's "Zombie" from Coolidge @fter Midnight
- SyFy original films
- Halloween
- Call ins from our friends Steven and Austin
- Christopher Lloyd
- Rob Zombie crowd funding "31"
- TMNT hate

We then closed out the show with:
- review of "Snowpiercer"
- review of "Monty Python Live (Mostly)
- share this podcast on your website, Twitter, Facebook, blog etc for a chance to win a ZOMBIE t-shirt FREE of charge (email us at withoutyourhead@gmail.com to let us know you shared)

Theme song by Strange Nocturnal:

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