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Bree Olson

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 00:19, Jun 13 2015

Bree Olson of Human Centipede 3 in over an hour interview!

Bree Olson Download

Bree covered:
- Tom Six and Ilona Six
- getting the role
- Human Centipede & Human Centipede 2
- Eric Roberts on set
- working with Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey
- comedy improv for second city
- transitioning from adult films to main stream acting
- traveling the world
- TV shows
- similarities between "Daisy" and herself
- what is next for Bree and much more!
- Follow Bree on Twitter @BreeOlson

Then the Headless Crew took calls and went over:
- Camp Massacre
- Natural Born Thriller Angel of decay
- Charles Manson
- Ghost Busters
- Christopher Lee passing
- Mutilator coming to DVD
- Deranged
- Cooties
- Betsy Palmer
- Green Inferno
- Teenwolf
- Dexter
- Terry Gilliam on Amazon
- Soska Twins' Vendetta opening this weekend
- Plastic
- Uwe Boll's tirades on youtube

Artist of the month cultural icon Charles Manson. For information on Charles Manson including his music, art, ATWA and his various social media sites:
Tracks for this podcast -
Without Your Head by Strange Nocturnal
"People Say I'm no Good" from the album "Lie: The Love & Terror Cult"
"Die to be One" from the album "The Family Jams"
"Marilyn Monroe Was My Childhood Shame" from the album "Live At San Quentin"
"In Your Music Mind" from the album "The Way Of The Wolf"

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