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Clear by Tim Dry review

Posted in Movie Reviews by Neal at 17:12, Jul 05 2015

by Annabelle Lecter


An atmospheric electronic album from brilliant artist Tim Dry, "Clear" is both playful and masterful. This album pulls influences from world music, primarily from Eastern cultures, blends them with an undertone of a solid rock foundation, a hint of vocal sampling as an occasional tweak for your aural pallet, and is all smoothed together with a light, creamy, ambient groove. This album is a journey if you allow it (sometimes in a spaceship, at another point a VW caravan), a great place for your imagination to live for the duration.

Elements that could have potentially created a messy mix of sound is instead a testament to Tim's ability to take his knowledge and experience with music and create something beautiful. A real pleasure for enthusiasts of the atmospheric.

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