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Killer Robots and Lorynn York!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 22:05, Jul 29 2016

We were joined by "The Killer Robots" of "The Killer Robots : Crash and Burn" and Lorynn York of the SyFy original "2Lava2Lantula" the sequel to "Lavalantula" starring Steve Guttenberg!

Killer Robots and Lorynn York Download

The Killer Robots kicked off the show going over:
- their live musical shows
- the time it took to make the movie
- "The Killer Robots : Crash and Burn" the film
- Comic Con
- Road trips
- Building props
- destroying stuff and more!

We were then joined by Lorynn York of "2Lava2Lantula"!
- working with Steve Guttenberg
- SyFy original movies
- her idea for a SyFy mash up
- upcoming films and more!

Then Nasty Neal closed the show with:
- Stranger Things
- Comic Con trailers for "Wonder Woman", "Justice League" and more
- "The Woods" revealed to be "Blair Witch"
- "Phantasm RaVager" gets a release date
- "Phantasm" franchise restorations
- "Black Mirror" anthology show coming to Netflix
- and a killer mermaids show coming?!

Artist of the month Here Come The Mummies supplied the tunes!
Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"Attack of the Weiner Man", "Booty" and "Bump" by "Here Come the Mummies"

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