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American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice teaser

Posted in Trailers by Neal at 17:53, Jun 19 2017

Faced with intense physical and emotional scars...
Haunted by the death of his father...

American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice

Daniel begins a journey of self-exploration, self-mutilation and ultimately, enlightenment. Prepared with three white candles and some crude instruments, he beckons the embrace of Goddess, Ishtar.

"No self-respecting gore film in this day and age would be complete without some cock torture. That is also herein, and there’s plenty of it."
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"The work shown in this film by Athanasius is glorious. Running the gamut from a hand slice to a genital mutilation that will have every man in the audience cringing."
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"The bottom line is that this movie takes gore to the next level. It’s straight up hard to watch. There are a couple scenes where you think you are going to get a stereotypical torture scene, and they take it to the most extreme and disturbing level available."
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"Domiziano Cristopharo produced the film and he shot while the script by Samuel Marolla. The cast: Roberto Scorza and Flora Giannattasio."
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"I wanted to start in a very simple way, and then to turn the bathroom into a very surrealistic and artistic visual background. Especially the contrast with the red and the blue, I think is something powerful and are colors I use often in my work are as well. And the end of the film... I really wanted to depict it like still life paintings, where the decay of animal or food was “frozen” by the artist in a sad poetry out of time. That was my reference for the end, also for the unnatural green color of the death skin."

-Director, Poison Rouge

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