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Felissa Rose and Marko Makilaakso

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 03:56, Jun 24 2017

Horror icon Felissa Rose of "Sleepaway Camp" followed by Marko Makilaakso (38:10) director of the upcoming giant ants movie "It Came From The Desert"!

Felissa Rose and Marko Makilaakso Download

Felissa opened the show going over:
- the legacy of "Sleepaway Camp"
- her favorite kill scenes
- working with Vinnie Pastore
- "Return to Sleepaway Camp"
- the upcoming "Death House"
- Sean Whalen
- idea for a documentary
- prosthetic penises and tons more!

Mark then joined us (38:10) going over:
- "It Came From the Desert"
- learning English watching movies
- horror films
- monster movies
- pursuing film making in Finland and so much more!

Nasty Neal and Terrible Troy finished the show with:
- The Mummy losing money
- new uncut 35 mm print of Suspira found
- The Babadong dildo?!
- horror themed sex toys we'd like to see and more so listen up!

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