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Halloween 2017 Mix Tape

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 22:13, Nov 02 2017

The third annual Without Your Head Halloween Mix Tape!

Mix Tape Halloween 2017 Download

1. Silver Shamrock by Tomb of Nick Cage
2. Escape from Hull House by The B Movie Monsters
3. Season of the Witch by Sam Haynes
4. Vampiro by Cavaverman
5. We're All In Fear by Jason and the Kruegers
6. Corpse Revival by Jess-O-Lantern
7. In A Wooden Box by Lupentooth
8. Two Girls, One Casket by Genki Genki Panic
9. Genuine Soil From Dracula's Castle by Darling Pet Munkee
10. The Monster Mash by Strange Nocturnal
11. Wandering Alone by Devil in The Belfry
12. Witch Dungeon by Ron Hexe and Ghoul Squad
13. Mentalmorfosis by Amautica
14. Addicted to Blood by Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead
15. Zombie Nightmare by Wildness
16. Large Marge by Tony Jones and the Cretin 3
17. Human Centipede by Monster Mob
18. Ex-Mortis by 5 ยข Freakshow
19. Ghosts by Deathwood
20. Hyde by Siblings of Samhain
21. The Preacher by Aaron Stoquert
22. The Only Ghoul by Ghoulshow
23. Wasted Horror Punk Rock Princess by Dr. Hell
24. Erase Them! by Silpha and The Corpseboners
25. Raise the Dead by The Casket Creatures
26. Cursed by Deadite
27. Haddonfield Horror II by Bad Whoremoans
28. Nightmare In A Damaged Mind by Murderock
29. Back to The Cemetery by The Other
30. Goosebumps Theme remix by DreamReaper
31. The Vampire by Tim Dry lyrics by Charles Baudelaire

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