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Watching Movies - The Black Cat

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 18:52, Nov 27 2017

Review of “The Black Cat” by The Headless Critic

The Black Cat - 2017

Production by: Lorien Motion Pictures

While shopping at a charming secondhand thrift Mr. Bond is annoyed by the shops newest regular, a Black Cat. Mr. Bond has never cared much for cats. Stricken by the unique beauty of a feathered broom, Mr. Bond haggles his way with the shop’s owner Jaffer (Uday Chandra) into an acceptable price. Upon returning home, Mr. Bond is surprised to find he brought home more than just his purchase from the shop. The Black Cat has followed him home and found its way into his house. A cat won’t be the only thing coming to Mr. Bond’s home this evening.

The Black Cat is a short film adaptation from a famous author but not the one you might think. This isn’t another adaptation of the famed Poe tale. This cat comes from the creative mind of one of India’s most talented writers Ruskin Bond. On screen the character of Mr. Bond is performed exceptionally by Tom Alter in one of his final roles before his death. Holding her on with Alter’s performance is Shamaz Patel as Miss Bellows. It’s two wonderful performances in a cast of four, only being upstaged by the cat itself. Cat lovers will rejoice at the adorable annoyance this fluffy black cat portrays onscreen.

Director Bhargav Saikia brings a children’s literary work from his home country to life. Saikia captures a magical look and feel in a Tim Burton-esque film without needing an overused animated world. A simple story, Saikia keeps it fun and beautiful and is given wonderful performances to work with. The Black Cat feels like an unfinished product. An excerpt from a larger work. Yet what we’re given is still a success and something both adults and children alike can enjoy.

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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