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Horror Music #34

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 22:58, Jan 15 2018

Without Your Head presents Horror Music Saturday Night with Johnny Rose!

Horror Music Night 34 Download

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Johnny Rose returns for Horror Music Saturday Night!

Tracks for this episode:
Run For Your Life - Doyle
Arcana XIII - Arcana 13
Killing Spree at Zero Gravity - Black Cat Attack
Down in Misery - Calabrese
Horror Night - Demonic
Fresh from the Morgue - Dr. Spookenstein
Skeleton Dance - Dr. Hell
Circle - Energy
Grave Slave - Dead Cross
Criminal Animal Expendable - Blowtops
The Prowler - Splatterhouse
Blood Stains - Devil in the Belfry
The Undertaker part II - Tommy Creep
Cupid's Dead - Thirteen Shots
Horror Punk is Dead - Romero's Nation
Dead in Berlin - The Bloodstrins
Grave Dance - Dead Zone
Damnation - Deadite
Terror in Tentacle Bay - The Mutant Chronicles
Mary Jane - Running From Daylight
Night of the Living Dead - Zumbi Holocausto
Bad Dreams - Army of the Walking Corpses
Cut You Out - 5 Star Grave
Vampire Bat - 13 Strikes
Can't Run Away - Exit Mask
Destination - Motel Transylvania
Where Eagles Dare - The Chuck Norris Experiment
She - The Chuck Norris Experiment
Die Die My Darling - Holland Greco
Cut You Out - 5 Star Grave
Friday the 13th - Misfits
Last Caress - Misfits
Born to Lose - Blast Bomb
Maiden Hero - Blast Bomb

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