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Horror Music #35

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 07:34, Jan 29 2018

Without Your Head presents Horror Music Saturday Night with Johnny Rose!

Horror Music Night 35 Download

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Johnny Rose returns for Horror Music Saturday Night!

Without Your Head theme - The Tomb of Nick Cage
Self Made Psychopath - 5 Cent Freakshow!
Scream Come True - Al B. Damned
Ave Banana - Banane Metalik
Killing Spree at Zero Gravity - Black cat Attack
Die Die Die - Bufo's Wake
Destination - Motel Transylvania
Zombie Shake - Dead United
LDSB&RAR - Go Madarfukers Go
I'll Be Your Monster - GWAR III
Insides Out - In A Coma
Mr Skeleton - Jess O Lantern
Horrorpunk Holiday - Michi the Black Harlekin
Came with the Fame - Seznicks
Absolute Power - The Night
Music of the Month - VHS
I Still Believe - The Bastards
Jacknife - Nim Vind
Alone in the Dark - Rampires
Dead Girls - Redneck Nosferatu
Screamtime - Sam Haynes
Parasite - The Muckrakers
Kill Tonight - The Haunting
Skelton Structure - New Skeletal Faces
Demon Knight - Savage Remains
Riotica - Spill Your Guts
Sticks and Stones - The Creepshow
Destroy - TV Tragedy
Nightmare Dancin - We'rewolf
The Place Between True Darkness and Endless Screams - Wolfman Chuck and The Spookale of Doom
Every Day is Halloween - Resurex

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