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Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 04:19, Mar 05 2018

Streaming Review of "Unlisted Owner" by The Headless Critic
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Unlisted Owner – 2018

Production by: Lawford County Productions
Distribution by: Summer Hill films, POV Horror

A new family moves into a long vacant house and are brutally murdered their first night in their new home. That’s just where our story begins. In a small Illinois town where nothing happens, the tale of a murder in town peaks the curiosity of a group of young twenty-somethings. The group of friends decide to break into the scene of the crime and do their own investigation in a fun filled night all caught on film. It’ll be the worst decision of their short lives. The footage tells no lies…

The Unlisted Owners of this house couldn’t last a night, how do you think a bunch of kids are going to do? Unlisted Owner is yet another “found footage” movie by a first time director on no budget. This time it’s done in slasher form. Director and writer Jed Brian’s feature debut takes the unique approach of being compiled police footage. Any time I see a found footage film, I am more critical on acting because the filming style tries to suspend disbelief that what you’re seeing is real and not just a movie. I’m not sure any found footage feature since the original Blair Witch Project has captured that disbelief.

While I may not have believed for a second this was actual found footage or that the police would compile a movie of it, the acting in this no budget feature is actually quite good. Unfortunately the douchebag dialogue is so convincing, I wanted to kill the characters myself. I certainly didn’t care when any of them died. A long build leads to budgeted pull-away kills which would have been okay, except I wanted to see these immature assholes die.

I am not a film fan and critic who thinks everything has to be answered and things can’t be left open ended. I like the mystery, the lack of answers and this being an excerpt of these kids’ lives without a peak or character progression. That is the most realistic part of this found footage movie. With better characters (not actors) this would have been a better film. With a bigger budget for kills it could have been fun watching them die. Jed Brian and his cast do show talent and potential. I look forward to the horrors they evolve into.

1 out of 5 Headless Critics

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