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Watching Movies - Veronica

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 06:49, Mar 20 2018

Netflix Movie Night Streaming Review of " Veronica "
by The Headless Critic

Verónica – 2017

Production by: Apaches Entertainment, Expediente La Película A.I.E.
In association with Sony Pictures International Productions
Distribution by: Film Factory

In 1991 in Madrid, Spain a teenage girl Verónica (Sandra Escacena) is possessed by an evil spirit summoned from the other side. During a solar eclipse her and her classmates use a Ouija board to attempt to contact Verónica’s recently deceased father. Verónica begins experiences strange occurrences almost immediately. Is she overthinking every occurrence or did her otherworldly intrusion into the afterlife actually make contact with something that’s followed her home? There’s nothing scarier than stories based on true events.

With her mother constantly working, Verónica is left to care for her younger siblings. As the supernatural incidents become more frequent she begins to grow concerned for younger sibling’s lives, as well as her own. No one believes the bruises and the bad dreams. Her mother (Ana Torrent) is even blaming Verónica for the children's constant terror. Meanwhile Verónica is still seeing things walking around their home in the shadows. She’s still protecting his brother and sisters when they’re attacked at night. She’s still seeing her siblings cannibalize her in her dreams. And she just got her first period. An evil entity is threatening these children and only teenage Verónica can stop it. Or can she?

In 1991 in Madrid, Spain a teenage girl Verónica fights back when she's possessed by an evil spirit summoned from the other side. Home alone at night, her and her younger siblings use a Ouija board in her last attempt to control the evil spirit that's haunting them. The strange occurrences the family has been experiencing comes to a terrifying climatic finale on one faithful night. There’s nothing scarier than the truth.

Director Paco Plaza’s first feature since his [Rec] series first gained him notoriety a decade ago has recently gained its own reputation on the internet for being the scariest movie of all-time. While the hype may have only been a marketing ploy, don’t let it stop you from catching a movie that still brings the scares. While Verónica may not attain the level of success or acclaim of [Rec], it far exceeds the franchises second and third installments. These kids are haunted by something evil and there’s no adult around to help them. Not even someone to hit record.

Available Now on Netflix

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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