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William Lustig, Seb Godin & The Endless

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 05:11, Jun 23 2018

Legendary director and producer William Lustig of cult classics #Maniac and the Maniac Cop franchise. Upcoming director Seb Godin of Melting Man Films! Filmmakers and stars of The Endless Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead! A night of maniacs, cults and slime!

William Lustig opened the show:
- Maniac Cop franchise
- Maniac
- Larry Cohen
- Joe Spinell
- Tom Savini
- Siskel and Ebert's review
- Maniac remake
- Maniac Cop remake and much more!

Buy Maniac on Blu-Ray

Buy Maniac Cop on Blu-Ray

Seb Godin returned (1:15:00)!
- Making Lycanimator
- upcoming Slimoids
- making of a mummy movie
- tiny monster films
- slimy monsters and more!

But Lycanimator the novelization

Nasty Neal and Troy went over the horror news including:
- upcoming horror movies to Netflix, Hulu and Shudder
- Solo review
- Pet Semetary remake
- favorite fathers in horror
- ranking the seasons of American Horror Story and more!

Filmmakers and stars of The Endless Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead finished out the show (2:49:00)
- their 3rd feature The Endless
- cults
- screening this weekend at The Brattle in the Boston area
- Lovecraft
- Rotten Tomatoes ranking The Endless #1 and more!
- see The Endless June 26th on VOD, DVD or BluRay!

Buy The Endless on DVD or Blu-Ray

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