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Watching Movies - Blood Feast

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 05:59, Jul 27 2018

Review of "Blood Feast" by The Headless Critic

The man so popular his newest special crashed Shudder.com. Actor, writer, critic, film historian, proud Texan and everyone’s favorite drive-in theater host Joe Bob Briggs returns for The Last Drive-In. Thirteen days ago his supposed one night only, live comeback has him hosting thirteen of the best drive-in worthy features on Shudder in a 24 hour plus long movie marathon. This is it folks. What very well may be the last television horror movie host puts on his bolo tie one last time. Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater first started showing films on premium pay channels in the 1990’s transitioning into Monstervision on cable tv by the end of the decade. The man who ruled the 90’s in horror hosting dons his cowboy hat for a visit to The Last Drive-In Theater.

Blood Feast – 1963

“You'll Recoil and Shudder as You Witness the Slaughter and Mutilation of Nubile Young Girls.” An Egyptian caterer Faud Ramses (Mal Arnold) sacrifices the women of Miami in the blood altar of the Goddess Ishtar, using their body parts for reincarnation. “A Weird, Grisly Ancient Rite Horrendously Brought To Life In Blood Color” Detectives race to discover the killer in a murdering spree so shocking you’ve never seen “Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror!”

The blood is bright and plentiful, the limbs are severed for disposal. There’s a reason director Herschell Gordon Lewis was deemed the Godfather of Gore and that reason is Blood Feast. That which lacks in story, acting and production values makes up for by being an originator. Sure there was gore before but Blood Feast capitalized on it as a genre piece. It is shock and awe built on marketing and giving audiences something they’d never experienced before setting the bar to be raised for every generation to come. This is “Adult horror!”

2 out of 5 Headless Critics (Joe Bob’s Rating: 4 Stars)

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