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Watching Movies - Devil's Cove

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 13:49, Aug 03 2018

Review of "The Devil’s Cove" by The Headless Critic

Devil’s Cove – 2018
Production by: D.V. Cove Productions, Velinsky Films, Elite Equipment
Distribution by: Leomark Studios

Rick Duval (Cameron Barnes) just brought his new wife Toni (Christelle Baguidy) home to his small town of Devil’s Cove. The beautiful Toni is attracting attention from all the men in town. When Rick’s old flame Jackie (Chloe Tracios) walks back into his life, a new fire is started. Some loves burn a magical flame, others just burn the world down around them. On the run from their vengeful, violent acts, a dangerous romance will meet its ultimate end.

With an increasing number of people following true crime murder shows, there’s an increasing number of true crime themed scripted features to satisfy them. Devil’s Cove follows a Thelma and Louise if they actually acted on those lesbian tendencies couple. Toni is the naïve youth who falls for the exciting and volatile, older woman Jackie. The road the ex-con leads them down is filled with violent acts, both physical and of the heart.

Television show and documentary filmmaker Erik Lundmark directs his first feature which plays out like a partial documentary, partial scripted feature with a television feel. Making a Murderer shows are growing in popularity, writer and star Chloe Tracios tries to capitalize on this with a movie in Snapped form. Thelma and Louise on a budget, with a bi-racial, same sex couple of killers and a documentary filming style bring a modern edge to an otherwise amateur film.

Devil’s Cove may find their audience in the massive and growing, genre obsessed female viewership. Performances play out, overacted like the segments of such shows. Even that coveted demographic might get lost in the lack of realism as the film is executed like a stage production more than it blurs the lines of reality.

The indie soundtrack may be this films greatest attribute, some songs written and performed impressively by Catherine Traicos and Seth Swersky. Perhaps the next starring Traicos role should be in a Pure Country, Crazy Heart music filled feature because someone with that surname has an ear for music.

Available in Select Theaters August 3rd, 2018

1 out of 5 Headless Critics

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