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Volumes of Blood and Hell Is Where The Home Is

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 04:28, Sep 08 2018

Director and producer PJ Starks discusses The Volumes of Blood franchise and more and director Orson Oblowitz joins us to discuss Hell Is Where The Home Is! Plus The Headless Critic and Nasty Neal recap their Frightfest experience in London!

Volumes of Blood and Hell Is Where The Home Is Download

Director and producer PJ Starks returned!
- special edition of Volumes of Blood on BluRay
- thoughts on the new Halloween
- anthologies
- Scarefest in Lexington
- upcoming 3rd installment of Volumes of Blood
- Star Wars
- good and bad of the internet
- Maniac Farmer and more!

Orson Oblowitz joined Nasty Neal and Terrible Troy:
- Hell is Where The Home Is
- Frightfest in London
- Queen of Hollywood Blvd
- genre of films
- Climax
- Hereditary
- Halloween
- home invasion
- festivals
- Boston Underground Film Festival
- Fairuza Balk and more!

"The Headless Critic" Jason Minton joined Nasty Neal
- Frightfest in London recap
- Climax
- Frankenstein's Creature
- Wolfman's Got Nards
- The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot
- Incident In A Ghostland
- Summer of 84
- Boar
- The Night Eats The World
- The Devil's Doorway
- The Ranger
- The Cleaning Lady
- Hell Fest
- Hell is Where the Home Is
- Rock Steady Row
- The Devil's Doorway
- Hammer Horror
- anticipated Death House review
- Joe Bob Briggs returning
- American Horror Story
- The Purge
- combing your hair with a fork, eating food and more!

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