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Craig Lindberg, Connar Frazier and Nathan Winters

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 02:25, Sep 15 2018

Craig Lindberg makeup artist on the new horror flick Johnny Gruesome opened the show. Followed by director Connar Frazier and Nathan Forrest Winters to talk about the finishing touches on their documentary The Babysitter.

Craig Lindberg, Connar Frazier and Nathan Winters Download

Craig Lindberg opened the show:
- become a makeup artist
- Johnny Gruesome
- Saturday Night Live
- monsters
- The Walking Dead
- The Deuce
- War of the Worlds
- Boardwalk Empire
- Wes Craven and more!

Connar Frazier and Nathan Forrest Winters returned to the show:
- update on The Babysitter documentary
- Nathan's music including scoring the film
- what the music means to him personally
- the experience of making the documentary
- does he consider Victor Salva a monster
- upcoming projects and more!

Troy and Neal finished off the show with news in the horror world:
- The Nun review
- Predator opening this weekend
- Sabrina coming to Netflix
- Into The Dark coming to Hulu
- SyFy's Halloween line up and more!

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Tracks for this podcast -
Our new theme song by The Tomb of Nick Cage
"Time Heals Nothing" and "Revisiting The Boy" by Nathan Forrest Winters
"Viva La Apocalypse"" by Music of the Month Wolfman and the Brimstoneboys

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