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Watching Movies - Mom and Dad

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 08:57, Nov 01 2018

3rd Movie “Mom and Dad” Review by The Headless Critic

Mom and Dad – 2017
Production by: Armory Films, The Fyzz, Zeal Media
in association with: XYZ Films, Ingenious
Distribution by: Momentum Pictures

We like to think we’re superior creatures but humans are still conditioned with the primal instincts animals have for survival, procreating and protecting their young for the continuation of the species. That last basic instinct has been reversed. Terrible things have begun happening to the children of the world. Their parents have been killing them with ravenous enthusiasm. As soccer moms tear down school fencing to get to their kids, teenage Carly (Anne Winters) and her little brother Josh (Zackary Arthur) make a mad dash home. Dad (Nicholas Cage) has left work early to get home to his kids. Hearing what’s going on in the world Mom (Selma Blair) has headed home to stop him join him. “They brought you into this world, they can take you out.”

Crank writer and director Brian Taylor takes an idea that’s so simple it’s brilliant and turns it into a horror movie with black comedy. Nicholas Cage is unleashed and he cranks it up to an eleven as he attempts to murder his offspring. Selma Blair holds her own in filicide next to her male counterpart. With a surprise visit from Grandpa (Lance Henriksen) in one of my favorite cameo's of the year, and Grandma (Marilyn Dodds Frank) it’s possible no one will make it out alive. Mom and Dad is the Crank of horror movies. It’s high action that has a lot of fun with a wonderful concept. It's my favorite movie of my 2018 Halloween movie marathon.

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4 out of 5 Headless Critics

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