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Debbie Rochon and Donnie Darko's Stuart Stone

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 12:54, Nov 23 2018

Scream queen Debbie Rochon returned and Donnie Darko's Stuart Stone!

Debbie Rochon opened the show:
- "Bloody Ballet" now on VOD and coing to DVD December 4th
- playing over the top silly and playing more dramatic series roles
- "Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark"
- Sam Qualiana
- "Shakespeare's Shitstorm"
- Troma
- Lloyd Kaufman
- PC culture
- "Dick Johnson and The Tommygun vs The Cannibal Cop"
- questions from social media and more!

Stuart Stone then joined Nasty Neal!
- his new film "Scarecrows"
- transitioning from performer to director
- child acting
- "Donnie Darko"
- horror and comedy
- making a great villain
- his upcoming projects and more!

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