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Watching Movies - Satan's Slaves

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 05:32, Jan 08 2019

Streaming Review of "Satan's Slaves" by The Headless Critic

Satan’s Slaves – 2017

Production by: Rapi Films
in association with: CJ Entertainment
Distribution by: CJ E&M International Sales

At the end of her life, successful singer turned Mother (Ayu Laksmi) is leaving a broken and broke family behind. With the royalties from her music no longer paying off her children’s Father (Bront Palarae) has turned to doing odd jobs to keep the bills paid. Their oldest daughter, twenty-two year old Rini (Tara Basro) has had to stay home and help care for her ill Grandma (Elly D. Luthan), three younger brothers and dying Mother. When their mother dies, the family looks to sell their home and find something more affordable before the bank forecloses. After their mother’s death strange happenings begin plaguing the family home.

It’s said there are cults who worship Satan and one way they lure people into their occult is offering barren woman who join them the ability to have children. The price you pay Satan is that of your last born child on their seventh birthday. When that day comes the dead will rise and take your child with them. The desires of mankind can lead to unfathomable dealings. Now the children must pay the price for the soul sold by their mother.

An Indonesian export from director Joko Anwar, Satan’s Slaves explores a terrifying concept of making a deal with the devil and selling your unborn child for the ability to have children. I absolutely love the set-up of this film. An eccentric score and at times comical portrayals ruin any horror, making the movie feel childlike. Attempted scares for the sake of scares cut scene to scene failing to frighten. Satan’s Slaves is an excellent idea for a horror movie but it's executed as a second rate copy of the jump scare American films most horror fans have grown to hate. That ringing bell is a match for the clap game played in The Conjuring, making this movie way over rung.

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2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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