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Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 12:35, Jul 19 2019

Review of "Zoo” by The Headless Critic

Watching Movies – Without Your Head

Zoo – 2019

Production by: Logical Pictures, PingPong Film, Film i Skåne
Distribution by: The Orchard

Struggling couple Karen (Zoë Tapper) and John (Ed Speelers) have gone through a lot in life together and are now they find themselves on the verge of divorce. Their lost pregnancy has took a toll on their relationship. Karen’s been hiding things from John who doesn’t seem to care anymore. For better or for worse just got worse as the world has been hit by a zombie apocalypse. The government is working to keep water and electric on warning citizens to stay inside and await rescue. A couple on the brink of divorce are forced to live alone together as the world outside their flat is consumed by the living dead. Relationships are hard enough to survive without an evil threat knocking at your door, until death do us part.

“Everyday could be our last…If I’m going to go out I’m going to go out being myself.”

Love and marriage and zombies is the latest creation of writer and director Antonio Tublen in his fourth feature film. A relationship drama locked in a flat that just so happens to have zombies outside its doors, Zoo is one couples story of surviving the zombie apocalypse. Tublen explores the distance most couples go through as they grow apart by forcing them back together and the lengths you’ll go to in order to save the love of your life. Those looking for zombie attacks may not get their fill but couples looking for a romantic comedy or relationship drama will find this senior film effort of Anthony Tublen to have something regardless your gender or story preference. It’s professionally shot with a sharp look and feel on a limited set with only a handful of actors. It’s independent filmmaking on a budget done professionally well. You’ve proven yourself at the Zoo, now it’s time to graduate into big budget cinema Mr. Tublen. Love Me! Kill Me!

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3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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