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Watching Movies - Along Came the Devil

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 04:12, Oct 08 2019

Review of "Along Came the Devil” by The Headless Critic

Along Came the Devil – 2018

Production by: Devan Clan Productions
Distribution by: Gravitas Ventures

Living with her Aunt Tanya (Jessica Barth), troubled child Ashley (Sydney Sweeney) comes home to the town where her mother Sarah (Heather DeVan) mysteriously died and her father abused her as a child. Temptation and friends opens a door for Ashley to search for a connection to her mother in the afterlife. They opened the door for her mother to enter, along came the devil instead. The sins of the mother will surely come back to haunt you. Demons walk among us as this family is soon about to find out. It’s a battle for the soul.

Brightly shot with equally bright performances led by veteran Bruce Davison, Along Came the Devil looks excellent with a fitting score. A good look and better performances from a talented cast don’t fully make-up from what this film is missing. Quick glimpses of monsters in the shadows of the night lead to unabashed demons circling by broad daylight. Writer and director Jason DeVan doesn’t believe in subtle horror putting the demonic forces in Along Came the Devil right in your face. It’s a blessing of something different and a curse of overexposing the monster in your movie. An open ending leaves a lot to wonder but with more story to tell, there's a sequel to come...

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2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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