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JJ Villard's Fairy Tales official trailer

Posted in Trailers by Neal at 06:10, Apr 02 2020

Adult Swim has unleashed the official trailer for the twisted new animated series "JJ Villard's Fairy Tales"! Created by the Emmy-winning animator JJ Villard (“King Star King”), the series will premiere on May 10 on Sunday night at 12:15 AM (Sunday night leading into Monday).

“JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales” is a new, twisted, fun take on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White. The charm and cuteness of the original stories remain, but now they've been updated and packaged into a ball of raw, visceral, gross weirdness. The animated quarter-hour series is created, and executive produced by JJ Villard (“King Star King”) and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Voice talent this season includes Linda Blair, Warwick Davis, Robert Englund, Corey Feldman, Alan Oppenheimer, Jennifer Tilly, and Villard himself among others.

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