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Blood Rites of the Vampyr

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 07:57, Jul 06 2020

Cast and crew Q&A with "Blood Rites of the Vampyr"!

Videocast version

director Seb Godin
producer, cinematographer and editor Brendan Petersen
"The Monk" Anthony D.P. Mann
"Detective Rollin" John Keech
"Tormented Man" Tyler Oscar Levesque

Hosted by Nasty Neal

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Joined: Jul 02 2020
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01:53, Jul 07 2020

a terrifyingly terrifying ritual. I do not know vampires really exist?


Joined: Jul 08 2020
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05:26, Jul 08 2020

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17:24, Oct 14 2020

Driven by nightmarish visions of a ghostly girl, a tormented man accidentally unleashes an ancient vampire on a small community. https://landclearingofwa.com/

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