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Curious Transmissions - Nasty Neal and Treacherous Trista

Posted in Curious Transmissions by Neal at 19:34, Sep 09 2020

Curious Transmissions
Episode 009 Part 1
Guest: Nasty Neal & Treacherous Trista (Without Your Head Podcast Hosts)
Date: August 09, 2020

Part One:
Hosts Mari & Rob speak with Nasty Neal & Treacherous Trista, Podcast Hosts of the Without Your Head Podcast, about UFOs, Unsolved Mysteries, Pyramids around the world, The Oceans including the Giant Blue Hole and the Bermuda Triangle.

Without Your Head Podcast Webpage.

IMDB: Trista Robinson

IMDB: Neal Jones

Show Theme: "Stranger in a Dream"
Artist: Jessy Jamz
To hear more from Jessy Jamz: soundcloud.com/jessyjamz

Curious Transmissions
Hosted by Mari & Rob
A podcast about things that we are all curious about: ghost stories, folklore, history, curiosities, and culture with a twist of film and TV.

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