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Staci Layne Wilson

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 00:54, Mar 06 2021

Without Your Head presents Women In Horror month with Staci Layne Wilson of WomenInHorror.com


Staci went over:
- starting WomenInHorror.com
- her love of horror
- her book series "Immortal Confessions"
- upcoming "Rock & Roll Nightmares"
- writing novels vs screenplays
- "Psycho Therapy" with Brooke Lewis Bellas
- "Cabaret of the Dead"
- her anthology "Shevenge" and more!

Hosted by "Nasty" Neal, "Terrible" Troy and "Treacherous" Trista Robinson

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"The Scare" from Music of the Month Zombina and the Skeletones!

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10:00, Mar 08 2021

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01:55, Mar 10 2021

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