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Jeremy Ray Taylor of IT

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 08:53, Jul 12 2021

Without Your Head "Decade of Decapitation" series looking back at the best of 2011-2020 in horror with Jeremy Ray Taylor "Ben Hanscom" of the 2017 IT and 2019 IT Chapter 2! Hosted by "Nasty" Neal Jones, "Terrible" Troy Jones and "Treacherous" Trista Robinson!

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Jeremy goes over:
- getting into acting
- getting the part of Ben Hanscom
- Andy Muschietti
- Bill SkarsgÄrd as Pennywise
- horror movies
- the success of IT
- IT chapter 2
- chemistry of The Loser's Club
- meeting the original cast
- his directorial debut and more

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Tracks for this podcast -
Original theme by The Tomb of Nick Cage
"They All Float Down Here" by Murderock!

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