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Albert Pyun

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 03:40, Dec 27 2022

Albert Pyun tribute
by Marc Heller

About 11 or 12 years ago I met Albert Pyun through social media. A friendship formed that eventually led to me bringing him to Chicago for a screening. While the outcome was not what I had hoped for, I at least hope that Albert was appreciative of my efforts, and our friendship continued. Albert knew that I went to film school and had a passion for film and although he had absolutely no reason or obligation to do so, always tried to find a place to include me in something. I originally connected with Albert because I had been a fan since the first time I saw Sword and the Sorcerer. I was hooked. Than came the rest of his vast filmography, including some of my favorites, Cyborg, Nemesis, Captain America, and Dollman.

It's important that Albert was one half of a larger equation. Equally important was his wife and producer Cynthia. When Albert's illness progressed, it was her love and dedication to him that allowed us to be gifted with his presence far beyond the time the Dr's insisted we would have with him. Albert faced his illness like he faced his film career. No one could tell him how his movies would be, and no one could tell him how his illness would be. He's been called a maverick, amongst other titles. He did things his way, he made films on budgets that before the internet and access to tools like we have now, was assumed to be impossible. So naturally, when he was given the grim diagnosis of his illness, he did what only Albert would do, he kept making movies, and kept interacting with his friends and fans, and made sure we knew how much he loved us as much as we loved him.

Albert connected me to countless numbers of people. Albert was amazing like that. He believed in people when their careers just started, whether it was Charlie Sheen, Kathy Ireland, or countless others. Albert saw qualities in people that other people did not, he had a keen eye for talent. Except the time he passed on George Clooney. As I continued to meet people who were a part of Albert's life, I learned even more how special it was to know Albert.I spent the better part of my morning today reading many tributes to Albert from people who worked with and for him. Aside from the people in the studios who fought him, and tried to alter his movies, everyone else loved him. I became friends with countless numbers of people with the connecting bond being Albert, and our mutual love and admiration for him.

I know that it may seem cliche to say that someone who passed will live on, in spirit or in some other form. But Albert does leave behind a legacy that won't go away. People will make films, will continue to be in films because he gave them their beginnings or inspired them. People will continue to enjoy all of his unique visions whether they purchase a Blu Ray, or stream on Netflix or Amazon. There will always be fans of his work, and there will always be a time when people newly discover his work, and peruse through his vast filmography. So much of Albert will always be with us. Although he has physically left us, Albert has not completely left us. I do however already miss my friend dearly. Godspeed Albert.

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