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Roo's Review: Hi-Fear

Posted in Movie Reviews by Neal at 05:16, Jun 10 2023

Roo's Review #43: Hi-Fear

I found the movie very fun and entertaining. It’s right up there with Creepshow, Tales From The Crypt and The Macabre.

As in the same tone with these anthology tales, Hi Fear is a fun ride from start to finish. I loved the set up and would most definitely watch and looking for a sequel.

I would say when people see this movie they are going to look back at it as a fantastic look back at EC comics and the genre it spawned.

If you are looking for a great movie to pair with: Scare Package, Cat’s Eye, All Hollow’s Eve then this is your movie!

I can say there is a tale for most horror fans and one will probably melt your brain but you will enjoy the tale front to finish.

8/10 and 3/4 Stars! It’s got fun for the whole horror family with Slut-Fu, Insurance Fraud-Fu,and Mystery-Fu! You hop on down and check this one out Space Pardners!

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