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The Todd Sampler: Scream Queen

Posted in The Todd Sampler by Neal at 11:54, Dec 07 2023

The Todd Sampler: "Scream Queen" the lost Linnea Quigley movie review
with Todd 'Quality' Jaeger

The lost Linnea Quigley movie SCREAM QUEEN (2002)
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SYNOPSIS: Considered a 'lost' Linnea Quigley movie, Scream Queen now enjoys it first ever wide release on home video.

Horror star Malicia Tombs (Linnea Quigley) mysteriously dies after leaving the set of her latest, now unfinished, low budget Shot-on-video shocker. Soon, an unseen masked killer is chopping and hacking his/ her way through the cast and crew as punishment for Tomb's death - leaving a bloody trail of revenge.

This super obscurity was shot in 1998 by indie horror stalwart Brad Sykes, and finally finished in 2002. Considered a 'lost' Linnea Quigley movie, Scream Queen is not only a solid 1990s Shot-on-Video slasher that borrows from the Italian Giallo sub-genre, but also takes swift jabs at the US independent horror movie scene of the time.

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