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Return to House on Haunted Hill

Posted in Movie Reviews by Neal at 21:01, Oct 27 2007

By Adam Lee

Having not been a fan of the first awful remake I approached this with a little voice in my head saying 'why am I going to watch this' and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this movie.

The first 15-20 minutes are used for character development and story line in which we find out that the only survivor from the first movie is the sister of our new heroine and that not only is a college professor but a bunch of hoodlums are after a statue called 'the Baphomet idol' which is somewhere in the house and by taking the sacred statue it should release the evil grip from the now abandoned Sanitarium.

So now we are stuck in the house with the good guys and the bad guys and this is were the movie starts picking up pace. With the characters splitting up to search the house for the statue(yes we all know you shouldn't do that)that's when we get some imaginative kills(all preceded in shaking b&w images of how the ghost had become what it is) including death by falling furniture and there is no let up on the gore side with huge amount of blood & guts on show for all you purists out there. Yes the film does use CGI but its all very minimal and used to good effect.

As for the sets they are all very creepy,not just the long dark corridors and small rooms this time around but a creepy water treatment room is used to good effect in one scene. All with some very j-horror style ghosts that just creep up on their victims.

The film is paced very well with the right amount of scares and the odd piece of humour(look out for the mobile phone scene)and with a new cast,except for Jeffery combs who reprises his role as the ghost Dr Vannacutt. This is like a whole new film and not just a run of the mill sequel and is well worth watching.

3 1/2 Screams

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