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Victor Miller author of the original Friday the 13th

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 07:40, Jan 16 2009


Author of the original Friday the 13th Victor Miller. We talked all about Friday the 13th, the sequels, the characters, the remake/sequel the famous jingle and much more.

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Official Victor Miller Site

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In the post show we were joined by Astrocreep for the Newscreep segment. We went over the new Freddy Krueger, planned Last House on the Left remake, 2 new zombie films from Romero, the influx of faggy vampires in movies and TV, Dance of the Dead on DVD, Heath Ledger's last role, Ben Stein's terrible documentary and so much more !! Check it out kiddies !!!

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04:55, Jan 23 2009

nice interview, but what's the deal with the rustling/smacking?!


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06:11, Jan 26 2009

Troy was having some issues with his mic, that's why he muted it later in the interview.

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