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Gary Tunnicliffe Make Up Special FX Artist

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 12:28, Jan 30 2009


Make up artist/special effects creature creator Gary Tunnicliffe. We talked about his newest project My Bloody Valentine 3D and his favorite death scenes. Gary also talked many of his movies he's worked on such as the Hellraiser films, Candyman, Sleepy Hollow, Feast and tons more. He told so many entertaining stories about the films and actors and directors etc...too many to name so just listen already !!!

Gary Tunnicliffe Download

Gary J. Tunnicliffe's Official Website
Gary J. Tunnicliffe's Official Fansite

In the post show we were joined by Astro Creep as we gave our in depth analysis of the upcoming Oscar Awards.

A truly epic editon of WYH.

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best show ever and funnist guy ever

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