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Mark Patton of A Nightmare On Elm Street 2

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 08:30, Jun 11 2010


Mark Patton "Jesse" in "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2".

Mark Patton Download

Topics included:
- The gay undertones of the movie, and if they were intentional or not
- How he would have played the role if he had known what they wanted
- Clu Gulager
- Leaving Hollywood
- The tongue scene
- Freddy ripping out scene
- Sharing a dressing room with Robert Englund
- The Never Sleep Again documentary
- Deleted scenes from the movie
- The new remake of Nightmare on Elm Street
- What his character Jesse would have gone on to do
- Jesse possibly coming back for a new sequel
- Tons more !!!

The post show saw the return of the Newscreep Segment where we went all over all sorts of madness !!!

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