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Interview Recap - Bill Johnson

Posted in Interview Recaps by Neal at 23:39, Mar 23 2007

By Knightmare

This past Thursday night, Neal, Troy and John from Without your head Horror Radio, located at www.withoutyourhead.com, were graced with an interview with the original Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, here is a recap of the interview

Neal Welcomed Bill to Show, Bill Said it was a pleasure to be there. Neal notes that Bill will be appearing at the Fear Fest This Weekend in Texas.

Neal Asks if Bill Enjoys Fan Fest’s, Bill Says he Does.

Caller Leatherdish asks if the Suit he wore Really hot and annoying, Bill said, it was terrible, the only thing he could breathe through was the mouthhole.

Norrin Radd from the message board asks what it was like working with Dennis Hopper, Bill Said it was Great, Dennis was spending a lot of time off the set with special effects and all that.

Gibbering Mouther from the message board asks if he new going into the film that it was
intended to be a comedy, Bill said he did.

Neal Asks if it took awhile for the fans to appreciate the Texas Comedy Massacre, Bill says yes, the fans were like how could you go from being in this big horror slasher flick to this.

Caller El Santo Loco calls in and asks How Many Shots did it take for him to get the Icebox Scene Right, Bill says it happened early on in the filming, he says he hung out in the trailer for six or seven weeks and they would keep delaying the shooting more and more and that really annoyed him.

Santo also asks who’s idea was the breakfast club’s poster, Bill Says he thinks it was Kid Carson.

Norrin Radd Asks if TCM II was misunderstood, Bill says he doesn’t know but he thinks it was defiantly underappreciated when it came out.

Caller Riren Calls in and asks what bill thinks the TCM Series has gone since TCM II, Bill says its gone down the hill.

In Bills Closing Moments, Neal Plugs Bills Upcoming appearances in Texas and Minnesota and thanks him for coming on.

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