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Interview Recap - Sid Haig

Posted in Interview Recaps by Neal at 09:13, Sep 25 2006

By Neal Jones

Sid Haig was the guest this week on Without Your Head Horror Radio. Hosted by Incher, Jack and The Flea, the audio interview is available for free streaming or downloading at http://www.withoutyourhead.com

Sid Haig was welcomed to the show. Who will be appearing at the Rock and Shock Horror Convention this October 13, 14, 15 at the DCU Center and the Palladium. Taking place in Worcester Massachusetts sponsored by WAAF 107.3 FM and MassConcerts, for more information please visit http://www.rockandshock.com.

Sid talks about his experiences with conventions. This is his 3rd year being at the Rock and Shock, they have both great horror guests and bands. Sid says he enjoys interacting with the fans and finding out their likes and dislikes. Sid tells a story about being at a Cryptacon Show in Minnesota, there wasn't a lot of fans so it gave him more time to interact.

Jack asks if it makes him feel proud of his career when fans remember his work. Sid replies he's amazed, people have long memories.

OIB asks what is the craziest things anyone has had Sid sign. Sid says Oh My God, I've signed butts, breasts, thongs while they were worn. The Flea adds in he hopes it was all female fans, Sid says so far all his male friends haven't had breasts. If they have one though bring it on by, it has to be their own though.

Jack asks what role Sid is remember for the most. Sid says since it's mostly a younger demographic at the conventions, it is for Captain Spaulding. He says that fans then start searching out other roles he was in.

Flea brings up being a fan of Spider Baby. Sid says they just finished commentary for the 40th Anniversary Spider Baby DVD, which includes remastered and newly found footage. He hopes it will be out in spring or summer.

Jack asks what the reaction was to Spider Baby when it first came out. Sid says it was tied up in legal issues for 2 years. The reactions were mixed at first, because it was in and out of the theatres. Years alter when VHS started, people would trade the tapes, that were just taped off a screen. Then DVD's came, and big screen screenings pop up more and more every year.

Sid says he had no problem playing the Ralph character at a young age, because he is pretty crazy anyway. He says it was a lot of fun, and did research by going to zoos and watching animals, also by watching children play on the playgrounds. Sid says it was a romp, he got to make up the character and what he was.

Jack brings up the recent trend of remakes, and if there was ever any talk of remaking Spider Baby. Sid says yes there was, and no they won't. He heard what the idea was for the remake and it did not intrigue him much. Sid says someone did a Spider Baby The Musical. He was sent a copy of it, it was a local theatre deal. Sid says it was less than interesting, they shot for it and missed.

OIB asks if Sid is surprised by the influence Jack Hill's pictures have had on modern day directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie. sid it had to have, because those films were made when Quentin and Rob were growing up, and they were into that genre. Quentin had told Sid that Jack Hill was the best living american director. Sid says Quentin came to him to be in his films because he was a fan of Jack Hill's work. During filming of Jackie Brown, Quentin would recite all of Sid's lines from any movie ever made.

Jack wants to know what animal was actually on the table in Spider Baby. Sid says it was a rabbit, it was the same body shape as a cat, just whack off the ears.

Incher asks of all the Jack Hill pictures, which does Sid look back on the fondest. Sid says that is like trying to say which kid you like the most. Sid says they are special for different reasons. Spider Baby was the start fo what became his career, his third with Jack Hill. The Host and Bloodbath were made before Spider Baby. Also it starred Lon Chaney Jr. starred with him, who he grew up watching. Pit Stop was also special, because it was his first dramatic role.

Jack asks if Sid got the Captain Spaulding role in House of 1000 Corpses because Rob Zombie was a fan of his. Sid thinks so, he and Rob never talked about it though. At Rob's wedding, Rob's brother told Sid he and Rob used to watch Sid on TV as kids on Saturday morning.

Sid talks about the Captain Spaulding role. Sid knew right away it was something he wanted to play, and no one but him could play it. Even thought there was only 4 scenes with Spaulding he knew it would be a memorable character. Jack asks how much did Sid add to the role and how much was already there. Sid said it was pretty much all there, he added a few words here and there. It wasn't in the script when Spaulding flipped off the robbers, Rob had to redo the take because he fell out of his chair laughing.

Incher asks if it was different working with Rob Zombie than another director, since it was his first feature length movie. Sid says not at all. Rob had a great support team around him to ask what was possible. Rob had directed many music videos before the film. The difference is how they are edited, and the length. Sid knew he was so precise and innovative in his music that he wouldn't be any different in the film.

Jack asks if Rob Zombie grew as a director from House of 1000 Corpses to Devil's Rejects. Sid yes, he wanted to start focusing on the people and who the characters were in the family. As opposed to House, which was very campy and cartoony, and visual. Sid is very glad Devil's Rejects is so much different than House of 1000 Corpses, and he enjoys it more. Rejects isn't as animated as House of 1000 Corpses, it's more gritty and real.

Jack asks if Sid agrees with the decision to cut out the Dr. Satan scene from Devil's Rejects, since it didn't fit with the rest of the movie. Sid says he totally agreed. The story was on the run and chasing, then it just stopped for Dr. Satan.

Incher asks if Sid enjoys working in the horror genre. Sid says he does, he enjoys working on good movies, he doesn't differentiate between genres. Horror movies are fun though, you can be wacky, go all out and do strange things.

Jack asks if horror movies are looked down upon by movie critics. Sid says yes, because anything out of the norm for critics is tough for them to get behind. However, Ebert and Roeper gave Devil's Rejects 2 thumbs up. Ebert went into depth how he felt about the movie. Ebert went onto Sid's website http://www.sidhaig.com to find out more about Sid.

Sid addresses the rumor on www.imdb.com that he will play Dr Loomis in Rob Zombie's Halloween. Sid says imbd is filled with liars, and flamers who have nothing better to do with their lives than spread rumors. Sid says the script hasn't even been written yet, so no one knows if Dr. Loomis is in it. Sid would jump at the chance to play it.

Incher asks how different is it filming in 3D for Night of the Living Dead 3D. Sid says the acting process is no different. The technical process is completely different. Two new cameras were built specifically for the film.

Jack asks if Sid was happy with the finality of the ending of Devil's Rejects. Sid says yes, it was something that needed to happen. It was their time to die, for a lot of reasons. Good vs Evil, morality needs to be addressed eventually. From another stand point Sid says he cringed at doing Devil's Rejects part 15. Sid says a prequel would be interesting, because the idea of a 15 year old Spaulding is interesting. He, Bill (Moseley) and Sheri (Moon) would not be in though.

Sid was not worried about Captain Spaulding losing the make up, they ahd it in the first few scenes to make the fans of the original happy. Then they wanted to take the make up off, to get to the man behind the make up. Jack asks if Sid ever wore the clown make up in the bedroom in real life. Sid laughs and says no, that is a little too freaky, plus by the time he got the make up applied the urge might not be there. Flea asks how long it takes to put on the make up. Sid says about an hour and a half including the make up and tattoos.

Jack asks if there was any backlash among the clown community. Sid says he expected it, but it didn't happen. Sid doesn't think it is a clown movie, so they haven't seen it.

Incher asks a question from a WYH fan, what character from Devil's Rejects was most like their character. Sid laughs and says he isn't going to go there. Sid says Sheri is most "unlike" the character, she is an absolute sweetheart.

Sid says everyone should come to the Rock and Shock Convention October 13th-15th in Worcester, Ma. It will be a lot of fun. A lot of Devil's Rejects cast will be there, and it's just a blast. For more information please visit http://www.rockandshock.com

Jack asks if there is anything Sid wants to tell aspiring actors. Sid says the funny advice is remember your lines and don't trip over the furniture. Sid also says never quit. Sid quotes Winston Churchill, "never quit, never never never quit". Sid says if you love what you are doing, and don't let anything stand in your way you can realize your desires. You will run into some tough times. James Arnez is a perfect example, he played "the 3rd cowboy" in countless John Wayne movies. Arnez took the role in Gun Smoke when Wayne turned it down, and then became a big star. Sid says it's not just acting, anything you want to do, don't be distracted.

Sid tells the fans where we can see him next. Night of the Living Dead 3D opens november 10th. The Little Big Top premiers at the Heartland Film Festival in Indiana in October.

Please visit http://www.withoutyourhead.com to hear the entire interview. And check back soon for more interviews, horror discussion and artwork. If you have any suggestions for the show please email withoutyourhead@hotmail.com

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