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Countdown to Sharknado 4!

Anthony C. Ferrante the director of the "Sharknado" franchise!

Lorynn York

Lorynn York of SyFy's "2 Lava 2 Lantula"!

Killer Robots!

The Killer Robots of "The Killer Robots : Crash and Burn"!

Dinner & A Movie

Dinner & A Movie reviews "Ghostbusters", "Lights Out" and Tom Six's "What The F**K!?"

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Horror Punk Night - The Bloodstrings

Posted in WYH News by Neal at 05:36, Jul 30 2016

Without Your Head Horror Radio presents HORROR PUNK NIGHT featuring the music of and interview with The Bloodstrings! "!

Listen tonight!

If interested in having your music featured on the show email withoutyourhead@gmail.com!

Anthony C. Ferrante of Sharknado 4!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 03:14, Jul 30 2016

Anthony C. Ferrante director of the "Sharknado" franchise joined Nasty Neal to countdown to "Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens" debuting this Sunday night on SyFy!

Also big thanks to Quint for use of the Sharknado music tracks "The Ballad of Sharknado",
"Sharknado Rhapsody" and "Welcome to Las Vegas"!

Anthony C. Ferrante Download

Killer Robots and Lorynn York!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 15:05, Jul 29 2016

We were joined by "The Killer Robots" of "The Killer Robots : Crash and Burn" and Lorynn York of the SyFy original "2Lava2Lantula" the sequel to "Lavalantula" starring Steve Guttenberg!

Killer Robots and Lorynn York Download

Killer Robots and lava spewing giant tarantulas!

Posted in WYH News by Neal at 05:44, Jul 28 2016

LIVE with The Killer Robots of the new future cult classic "The Killer Robots : Crash and Burn"!

Lorynn York of SyFy original "2 Lava 2 Lantula" the follow up to the SyFy classic "Lavalantula" with Steve Guttenberg!

Call into the HEADLESS HOTLINE 1 (508) 413-3144 or Skype WithoutYourHead to talk to The Killer Robots and the WYH Crew yourself!

Listen Live!

Live via Tune In Radio

Artist of the month Here Come The Mummies will be supplying the music for the evening!

Chat Live via Facebook:
WYH Facebook

Dinner & A Movie reviews Ghostbusters, Lights Out and Tom Six's What The F**k?!

Posted in Dinner & A Movie by Neal at 02:52, Jul 25 2016

Dinner and A Movie Episode 49: Neal and Annabelle review the 2016 "Ghostbusters",

"Lights Out" and Tom Six's "What The F**k?!" from Sweet Cheecks Q in Fenway!

Bill Weeden

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 00:47, Jul 22 2016

Bill Weeden joined us to talk about his cult classics with Troma and his new films "The Ungovernable Force" and "The Lives of Hamilton Fish"!

Bill Weeden Download

Classic re-releases from Full Moon Entertainment

Posted in Trailers by Neal at 02:39, Jul 20 2016

Something wicked this way comes: August brings erotic fairytales and horny devil-worshipping Nuns from Full Moon Entertainment!

Continue reading...

The Laughing Mask

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 22:03, Jul 18 2016

The cast and director of The Laughing Mask now available from Leomark Studios! "The Laughing Mask" Jeffrey Jenkins, "Detective Cordova" Gabriel Lee, "Katherine O'Malley" Sheyenne River and director Michael Aguiar joined us together to talk all about the film and the making of!

The Laughing Mask Download

Dinner & A Movie does Goodfellas

Posted in Dinner & A Movie by Neal at 20:57, Jul 17 2016

Dinner and A Movie Episode 48: Neal and Annabelle review Goodfellas' 25th anniversary resoration Brattle Theatre screening from the lovely La Famiglia Giorgio's in the North End of Boston!

Raven De La Croix

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 03:37, Jul 16 2016

Raven De La Croix joined us for a 4 hour conversation covering her Russ Meyer film and memories to her metaphysical knowledge, experiences and thoughts!

Raven De La Croix Download

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