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Dan Kamin of Creepshow 2 LIVE tonight!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 07:07, Oct 08 2015

LIVE tonight countdown to The Four State Slasher Con Creepshow 2 reunion. We will be joined by Dan Kamin of Old Chief Wood'NHead 9E/6P tonight! Call in 1 (508) 413-3144 or Skype WithoutYourHead

Plus the usual madness and amazement of the WYH crew!

Artist of the month Sam Haynes will be supplying the music for the evening!

Chat Live via Facebook:
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Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 21:34, Oct 07 2015

BASTARD co-directors Patrick Robert Young & Powell Robinson and star "West" Dan Creed tell us all about the film as we countdown to it's theatrical debut October 16th weekend as part of the After Dark Films Fest 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR!

Bastard Download

Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 19:55, Oct 06 2015

Michael gross and Jamie Kennedy joined us to talk TREMORS 5 out today on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Tremors 5 Download

Human Centipede Goodie Bag

Posted in Merchandise by Neal at 21:03, Oct 05 2015

Get your Without Your Head Human Centipede themed goodie bag! Guaranteed to get the Human Familypede Sticker by Annabelle Lecter, the Human Familypede "100% Family Values" pin/button and the Dr. Heiter and Martin Lomax caricature pins by Troy Jones! Plus a collection of promotional stickers and pins from WYH, Goblinhaus and Atomic Cotton! A tube of chapstick from Dr. McGillicuddy's in case you find yourself in a Human Centipede! A signed photo of either Annabelle or Nasty Neal. Every bag will also have one bonus item which is picked randomly from DVDs, CDs, buttons, one of a kind items and more! Everyone comes in a nice poop bag...unused of course!

All for only $10 plus shipping $2 in the states, $5 Canada and $8 worldwide! All proceeds go into funding WYH.


Human Familypede Sticker Only $5

Posted in Merchandise by Neal at 21:02, Oct 05 2015

Halloween is around the corner...now is the time to get one, or three, or a dozen!

PayPal $5 USD withoutyourhead@gmail.com

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Krampus : The Reckoning

Posted in Trailers by Neal at 00:09, Oct 05 2015

Krampus : The Reckoning is out on DVD and Digital November 3.

Continue reading...

Justin Price of Dark Moon Rising

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 04:33, Oct 04 2015

Justin Price the director of Dark Moon rising joined us talking about the fantasy horror werewolf film coming out this week starring Eric Roberts!

Justin Price Download

Barbara Crampton & author F. Paul Wilson

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 02:50, Oct 02 2015

F. Paul Wilson the author of "The Keep" and the Repairman Jack series on Repairman Jack TV possibilities, the end of movie talk, villains, evil and more including the campaign to bring The Keep Audio Drama to reality!

Barbara Crampton (2:55:45) of "Re-Animator", "From Beyond", "You're Next" and so much more talked "We Are Still Here" coming out Tuesdayn on DVD and Blu-Ray!

F. Paul Wilson and Barbara Crampton Download

Michael Steves director of Clinger

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 19:45, Sep 30 2015

Michael Steves director of Clinger talked about the film, future projects, the cast, gore, horror comedy, practical effects, 80s and more! Clinger is available October 23rd!

Michael Steves Download

James Cullen Bressack

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 19:31, Sep 29 2015

James Cullen Bressack talks Blood Lake, Hate Crime, piracy, torture porn, gore and much more including Pernicious now available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

James Cullen Bressack Download

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