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Production still from Pure Eternus

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 01:53, Nov 12 2017

First production still from the filming of "Pure Eternus".

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Jessica Cameron support for Nathan Forrest Winters documentary

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 01:40, Nov 12 2017

Horror favorite Jessica Cameron recently voiced her support for the upcoming Nathan Forrest Winters documentary "Pure Eternus".

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The Snowman Exclusive Giveaway

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 23:37, Oct 16 2017

'The Snowman' Starring Michael Fassbender prize package giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Soup Nazi endorses Nathan Winters documentary

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 12:36, Sep 20 2017


Posted in Movie News by Neal at 04:08, Sep 05 2017

Wild Eye Releasing, a growing leader in independent cinema since 2008, in association with Midnight Monster Movies are hosting a day of splastastic, fantastic horror fun as they host a marathon of some of Wild Eye’s most popular releases.

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Nathan Winters and documentary team official statement on Jeepers Creepers 3 screening cancellation

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 16:17, Aug 29 2017

We would like to first express our sincerest gratitude for the outpouring of love and support we have received these past few weeks. It is beyond words. Thank you all. Due to the nature of the controversy which led to the cancellation of the premiere of Jeepers Creepers 3, we would like to make it known that we had no part in the events which took place. While we are humbled, it should be made clear that we believe that it is the viewers' choice whether to to watch a Victor Salva film. We want Jeepers Creepers fans to know that we understand their frustration. Our purpose in this isn't to stop Victor from working, only to let the truth be brought to light. No one is out for vengeance. We look forward to sharing the truth with you through our documentary The Babysitter, which will be out in 2019.

-Nathan, the Winters family, Amber Halstein and director Connar Frazier

Episode 1 of Threads : Deep Web

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 04:00, Aug 02 2017

THREADS is a ​​ new sci fi/horror series from New Form showcasing true stories from public internet threads.
Watch the first episode here

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The Brain That Wouldn't Die remake

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 10:38, Jun 19 2017

A brilliant transplant surgeon revives the head of his recently decapitated fiancee in hopes of finding her a new body.

First photos of the film below!

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Making The Monster

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 11:35, Jan 13 2017

"Making the Monster" featurette from "Pitchfork"!

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Phantasm Remastered poster

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 18:14, Sep 09 2016


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Phantasm RaVager poster

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 18:12, Sep 09 2016

In Theaters & On Digital HD & On Demand October 7th

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IN THE DEEP box art

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 20:51, Jun 29 2016


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Tom Six's What The F**k available!

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 16:11, Mar 16 2016

The Human Centipede trilogy director Tom Six releases one of his earlier Dutch films for the international market.

The DVD of What the F**k, now available, is very limited and comes with the signature of director Tom Six. The movie has English subtitles.

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Doug Bradley not involved in new Hellraiser

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 01:19, Feb 18 2016

According to Doug Bradley's official Facebook page he is not involved in the new Hellraiser being filmed, and neither is Clive Barker.

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Film Gutter Volume 1

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 10:13, Jan 27 2016

From our friends at Ginger Nuts of Horror - "We warned you it was on the way – and now it's almost here. That scratching and clawing at the door is the impending release of Film Gutter Volume 1. Yes, the first release from Ginger Nuts Books is out to get you...

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31 premier and poster!

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 18:24, Jan 08 2016

31 will premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd in the Midnight section!

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Bastard contest!

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 17:27, Oct 15 2015

BASTARD, part of After Dark Films' 8 Films to Die For, releases tomorrow into 11 nationwide theaters and VOD (iTunes, Amazon, etc..).

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Whitechapel debuts tonight on KCET

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 22:05, Sep 26 2015

BBC's Whitechapel debuts Sunday night at 9 pm on LA's public TV KCET and streaming online at kcet.org

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Chattering about Straight To Video

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 03:25, Sep 14 2015

Nicholas Vince chatters with Kevin Martin, Tim Rutherford and Cody Kennedy; the star, directors and writers of the series ’Straight to Video: The B-Movie Odyssey'.

FEAR HAUS - Episode Eight: Service

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 04:13, Sep 03 2015

Join horror hostess, Blair Bathory, as she brings you a tale of dedication. Featuring the short horror film 'Service' directed by Jerry Pyle!

'Service' was shot on location in Los Angeles, California and released in 2014.

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