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The Hold-Up

The Hold-Up: Mystery, Alaska - Part 2 (with Matthew Rooney)

Posted in The Hold-Up by Neal at 20:43, Jan 11 2021

NEW EPISODE! Matthew returns for our post mortem on Mystery, Alaska (1999), a movie that almost certainly would’ve been better if it had been more depressing. Matthew gives me the hockey fan’s perspective on the gameplay in the movie, and I lament multiple times that no one gets any hot sauce in their jock straps. Also, we spend more time than I usually allow Googling on mic, so... sorry?

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The Hold-Up: Mystery, Alaska - Part 1 (with Matthew Rooney)

Posted in The Hold-Up by Neal at 18:40, Jan 04 2021

My friend Matthew Rooney joins the podcast to talk about a movie I must have seen the trailer for on a dozen different Blockbuster rentals, Mystery, Alaska (1999). He also explains to me the stereotype about Canadians and hockey, and we commiserate over the plague of deliberately loud cars and motorcycles. I let him in on the secret behind the “Florida man” trope, and we take turns reading the names of Canadian cities off a map. I promise, it’s more entertaining than it sounds (but not by much).

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