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3Haunted: Vampires Everywhere!

Posted in 3Haunted by Neal at 20:42, Jan 04 2021

It’s a new year and 3Haunted crew is amping up the topics!

This week’s episode: Vampires Everywhere! #holyballs

Join the 3Haunted crew as we sink our teeth into the origins, myths, influence, and mainstream evolution of the vampire.

3Haunted: Skinwalkers & Fast Talkers

Posted in 3Haunted by Neal at 12:53, Dec 23 2020

Is that 3Haunted? A shapeshifter? Or could it be a Skinwalker?! In this week’s episode, dive deep with us as we chat about the lore and mythology of Skinwalkers and ask, do they walk among us?

3Haunted: Windgardium Levio-shut Yo' Mouth

Posted in 3Haunted by Neal at 08:35, Dec 09 2020

Episode 5: Your letter to Hogwarts has arrived! Well…sort of… So get yourself sorted, grab your wands, and take a seat in the great hall as we discuss all things Harry Potter in this week's episode.

3Haunted: The Three Musketeers

Posted in 3Haunted by Neal at 13:56, Nov 24 2020

Proud to welcome the newest podcast to the Without Your Head Podcast Network - 3Haunted!

Episode 4: The Three Musketeers: You've spent time with us, but who is 3Haunted really? Let's take a moment in this week’s episode and find out who your crazy hosts truly are. Most importantly: how we became The Three Musketeers!

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