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Artist of the month January 2014 - Barry Barmcake

Posted in Artist of the Month by Neal at 10:10, May 10 2014

Barry Barmcake - ukulele strangler and Marmite lover.

Twitter @BarryBarmcake

Our interview with Barry.

Bio from barmcake.webs.com/

"Barry Barmcake's the name - I'm from Wigan, Lancashire and I love Marmite, Bobcaps and going to the chippy.

I'm a big fan of George Formby - another famous Wigan lad.

I play ukulele and enjoy doing covers, not only of George's songs, but also many others which I love to 'translate' to ukulele (and often do so with my ukulele-banjo in the style of George Formby)... I also play ukulele versions of "The Ace Of Spades" and "Bohemian Rhapsody", plus other pop and rock stuff.

I'm thinking of doing a gig in front of an audience of cats and dogs to see if it'll stop the rivalry!

As I said, I like Marmite... I wanted to be 'The Face of Marmite', but they didn't want me... probably because I said I loved the stuff "even though it looks like diarrhoea and smells like infected wee" - well its true - and I like to KEEP IT REAL, but not every bugger likes to hear the truth!

You can also listen to my music too on this site and if you're REALLY desperate - you can download my tunes to inflict on others!


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