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Johnny Rose

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 01:45, Jan 23 2015

Johnny Rose of the independent horror band Thirteen Shots and owner of the Undead Artists record label!

Johnny Rose Download

- horror punk
- horror scene in UK
- horror films
- influences
- starting his own label
- the bands on his label
- road stories, venues and more!

The Headless Crew then went over
- American Horror Story
- Frankenstein series
- XX
- Cobalt the Walking Dead spin off
- Blob Remake
- Horror Buddies
- Elijah Wood's The Greasy Strangler and more!
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Artist of the month The Undead Artists featuring Strange Nocturnal, Thirteen Shots, Raizing Hell, Silpha and the Corpseboners and The Bloodstrings!
Tracks for this podcast -
Without Your Head by Strange Nocturnal
First American Sweetheart by Thirteen Shots
Padded Cell Blyes by Thirteen Shots
Get in My Crypt Thirteen Shots

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