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Malevolent Magazine

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 23:37, Sep 24 2015

Amy Humphries and Emory Slone of Malevolent Magazine joined us to talk about our new partnership and the big Legends of Horror issue of Malevolent Magazine coming out October 1st!


Malevolent Magazine Download

Then the WYH Crew took over going over:
- Human Centipede Trilogy set including a color version of HC2 from Scream Factory
- Netflix Marvel
- Blood Feast remake finished shooting
- Clive Barker coming to the CW
- "Queen Crab" review
- "Clinger" review
- "Pernicious" review
- "We Are Still Here" review
- much more !!!

Artist of the month Wolfman Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom!
Tracks for this podcast -
Without Your Head by Strange Nocturnal
Angel of Syphillis by Wolfman Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom
You've Been Naughty by Wolfman Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom

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