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Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 23:23, Dec 29 2016

Glenn Douglas Packard the writer/director of the new 2017 slasher PITCHFORK opened the show followed by writer/director Scott Frazelle and star Sadie Katz of the upcoming killer cats film MOGGY CREATURES (starts at 1:19:21)

Pitchfork and Moggy Creatures Download

Glenn Packard opened the show talking about his new slasher PITCHFORK coming in January!
- special effects
- Bollywood
- slashers
- home invasion films
- hillbillies in horror
- sequels and more!

Then the crew went over:
- "Train to Busan"
- Hatchimals
- "Alien Covenant"
- Carrie Fisher dying
- Bryan Fuller wants to do a Silence of The Lambs miniseries
- Han Solo and Boba Fett movies coming
- "Devil in the White City"

Then Sadie Katz and Scott Frazelle of MOGGY CREATURES joined us! (starts at 1:19:21)
- creepy hairless cats
- cat stories
- practical effects
- upcoming incentives for their crowd funding campaign
- tons more!

Music of the month The Mutant Members Only Club supplied the tunes!
Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"I Wanna Be Your Frankdaddy", "Do You Remember", "Necro (Feel-Ya)" and "Quick Draw Chainsaw" by The Mutant Member's Only Club.

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