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Watching Movies - Peelers

Posted in Watching Movies by Neal at 16:40, Apr 03 2017

Review of "Peelers"
by Jason Minton

Peelers - 2016

Production by: Pounds (LBS) Pictures
Distribution by: Uncork'd Entertainment, TW Media Events

On the final night this strip club’s open, the owner gets more than she bargained for. Infected patrons come in for more than naked women, nasty beer and bear which is served on the menu. Besides bear, Peelers serves up a healthy mix of boobs, blood and hilarity. At first glance Peelers seems like another cheap thrills, boob filled, horror film. While all of those things are true, it also successfully pulls off comedy in between it’s many kill scenes. Something most movies fail at doing.

With a set-up similar to From Dusk Till Dawn once they get to the bar. The overall pace of the movie is closer to Feast. The comedy is definitely crude and immature and won’t be for everyone. If you like John Gulager movies and you’re ready for some fun, Peelers packs a lot of enjoyment.

Peelers suffers from the traditional low budget horror condition of bad acting, corny dialogue and a weak premise. Horror fans should expect this from any low budget horror film going in. Where Peelers succeeds is they don’t take themselves too seriously. They successfully mix comedy and kill scenes into over the top fun.

After a couple of hilarious stripper dance scenes, I was waiting to see what they did with the pregnant stripper. If I have any issue with this cheap thrill ride, it’s that I didn’t get to see the comedy, that scene would’ve provided. Opportunity wasted and all for a Winnie the Pooh reference. They lacked contact during their kill scenes as well. They could have used a Tom Savini helping them out but at least they didn’t go with enough animated effects for it to ruin anything.

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

WYH Interview with Steve Schelenz director of Peelers

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